Fashion Competition Program

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Fashion Competitions are usually organized to display and promote both the concept stage and realized works designed by young and enthusiastic professionals of fashion houses and fashion industry associates worldwide.

The Fashion Designer Competition Program, aka "The Best Designer Contest", is an incredibly valued program that aims to nurture the creative, innovative, and ethical fashion players and provide emerging talents the necessary guidance they might need to set their foot into a multi-billion-dollar industry. The contest is going to be held in 12 countries simultaneously in summer 2021, to push the boundaries in fashion, textiles, and to bring people together in the fashion and design industry; from the emerging fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, tailors, and designers, to big fashion and design houses.

Participants are judged primarily on their professional knowledge, quality of work, time spent on a given task, how meticulously they complete the assigned tasks, and how they could perform individually. Only the participants proving to withstand the heat and pressure of the process can qualify for the next selection round.

The award given to the winner reflects an individual's extraordinary ideas, nature and quality of work, and dedication to thrive in this industry. This award’s ultimate objective is to catch "The Best Designer Contest's" attention that is always on the lookout to bring onboard new talents, artists, tailors of all types to match them with featured brands on the site, and make out of them independent fashion designers.

With our competition, the participants get free marketing and worldwide recognition(without mentioning the winner takes home $100,000 prize money).During the whole selection process to the final stage, participants are invited into our video production studio to be interviewed and to exhibit further their work. The national and international audiences get to see their creations, evaluate their skills, even if they never win the title. This competition paves the way for every participant to explore a better job opportunity, career enhancement, investment for their ideas, and networking. The exposure, the mentoring, and the learning takeaway that fashion designer competition participants will gain would be much larger than the monetary grant the winner will enjoy.

Our fashion competition, which can be seen directly on "The Best Designer Contest" later in summer 2021, has publications that are distributed worldwide. These publications work one step ahead to promote emerging talents; theirnames and work from the competition are often featured in our magazines, and the masterpieces are published afterward to give them even more visibility.


Such opportunities help young enthusiasts to make a name for themselves in a highly competitive industry. Our four (4) major e-commerce sites, Fashion Elegance Design , Gentlemen Brands, Designers Boutiques, and Feminine Trends, are always there to recruit new talents, artists, tailors eager to make a name for themselves and push forward their brand. Therefore, we have created a supportive and collaborative network of independent fashion designers to match their needs and connect professionals to achieve sustainable progress in the same industry.